A Day at Mariposa

Montessori children experience an environment that is prepared entirely for them. The shelves are low to the ground for easy accessibility. The materials are attractively arranged to entice the child's sense of wonder and attract his attention.

The classroom is divided into 5 areas:

  •   Practical Life
  •   Math
  •   Sensorial
  •   Language
  •   Cultural/Art

Unlike traditional preschool which works mostly as a group, Montessori children work on an individual basis. They choose their "work" for themselves and their teacher is a guide to further their learning.  They spend the morning floating between the many activities offered in the 5 areas above.

Like traditional preschool, we have Circle Time, which allows the child to be greeted and learn to work within a group. Snack is part of the classroom and is not a separate activity. Children feed themselves when they are hungry, without waiting to be served. This allows the child to be in charge of his needs and better understand his/her body. We also have outside play time so children get a break after work time. In a Montessori school, "Work is play".

Many parents remark that our classrooms are calm and peaceful. Our philosophy is that when children are interested and challenged in meaningful ways, there is little time for other kinds of behavior. There is a deep sense of respect that the child has for his work, his classroom and his peers. That same respect is also modeled by his teacher.

Time on the Playground       Art time        

Sample Daily AM Program

9:05-9:15 Carline drop-off

9:15  Instruction begins

9:15-11:00  Classroom time
  • Individual lessons
  • Small group sessions
  • Independent work time

11:00-11:30  Outside free play

11:30-11:45 Circle Time
  • Theme
  • Calendar
  • Songs
  • Stories
  • Sharing
  • Movement

11:45-Noon  Carline Pick-up