Programs Offered

Mariposa Montessori offers many different program options to help families find the school hours that fit with their schedule and their child's needs.  We also offer the Butterfly Club Lunch and Play which is an after school lunch program and a variety of Enrichment Classes for children that want additional school time. 

2 Day AM
Tuesday & Thursdays, 9:15am-12noon

This class is for our newest and youngest children. Children may enter as young as age two and this is the only program that accommodates children that are not yet toilet trained.  This program has our lowest student to teacher ratio (5:1) and offers children an introduction to Montessori.

3 Day AM
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 9:15am-12noon

This class provides children with a more consistent preschool experience.  These children have typically already had some preschool experience and are comfortable at school three days a week.  

5 Day AM
Monday-Friday, 9:15am-Noon
This class offers the most consistent schedule for children who are anxious to learn. The daily attendance encourages a strong sense of community within the classroom. This is a blended classroom of ages three to six, which is a more traditional Montessori model.   

5 Day to 1:30pm
Monday-Friday, 9:15am-1:30pm

This class offers children the most authentic Montessori experience of all of our programs.  This classroom is mixed ages 3-6 and the children develop very close relationships over the course of the year.  This is the only class where the children enjoy a formal Montessori lunch together daily complete with place mats, dishware and silverware.  The children work together to both set up for and clean up after lunch.  Following lunch they have additional work time with the Montessori materials.  Many of our children spend multiple years in this program before moving on to Kindergarten.