Maria Montessori

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Montessori Method

Maria M. Montessori believes that as an educator, we need to help the child help him/herself to adapt to the physical and social aspects of the world. The word “adapt” means capable of being happy, comfortable and at ease with the environment.  To achieve this the child must have stability; a solid foundation to stand on. To achieve a positive outlook in life, a child needs to understand the world, how it works and how it affects the behavior of the human race.  He/she needs to understand their role in this world.  If he/she can learn to understand how mankind contributes to the world, that each man is and forever shall be dependent on each other, he/she will have a much deeper understanding, gratitude and compassion for both God and man.  To help a child accomplish this destiny, there are some basic tendencies that must be fulfilled to ensure mental health.  For a child to realize his/her destiny, to become a contributing member of society, his/her human tendencies need to be fulfilled.  Once the foundation, the stability is formed, this child, when grown,  can adapt to any environment he/she puts him/herself in.  However, his/her sense of self depends on the type of environment he/she is placed; on the depth and breadth of activities available to him/her in his/her environment and on how well he/she learns to communicate his/her thoughts, feelings or emotions.

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