Strategic Plan


These following statements are the result of a strategic planning process undertaken by the Mariposa Montessori Board of Directors during the 2012-2013 school year. These statements are intended to represent our strategic plan to the public, and are focused on five Areas of Excellence. This document is intended to capture the priorities and values of our educational and parental community and to guide the board’s decisions and plans over the next 3-5 years. A more detailed action plan has been developed for each of these five areas and will be distributed to current and future board members.

Mariposa Montessori Strategic Plan

Mission/Vision Statement

Guided by the Montessori philosophy, our mission is to facilitate and nurture the natural development of the whole child. Our Montessori certified teachers expertly guide students to build strong academic, social, artistic and physical life skills, while embracing the core principles of self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.

Our beautiful campus is defined by prepared indoor and outdoor learning spaces that enable students to experience a diverse range of curriculum. Through a true dedication to high quality Montessori instruction, fostering an innovative learning community and serving our greater community of Los Gatos and the Silicon Valley, Mariposa Montessori will continue to serve as a model non-profit and exemplary preschool.

Mariposa Areas of Excellence

Programs – Maintaining our earned reputation as a leading Montessori school in Silicon Valley, the coming years will concentrate on improving the versatility of our campus and staff to best support Mariposa’s educational programs. Our mission will be fortified by innovating around the strong core of the Montessori Method to ensure continued excellence and creative use of program/school resources. To optimize the connection between the student and their immediate community we will continue to encourage family participation, expand our enrichment programs, and build online education tools for parents.

Operational Efficiency – As a non-profit preschool, we strive for fiscal accountability and proficiency, relying on hard work and goodwill from families and community donors. The next three years will bring new methods to strengthen our financial foundation and operational efficiency via helpful technology tools and an extended online presence. We will strive to improve corporate- and community-giving relationships, and integrate innovative and streamlined annual fundraising programs.

Staff and Board Development – In the coming years, we will emphasize new opportunities for staff, volunteer, and board members to maintain and support the amazing Mariposa community. Optimized roles for parent involvement will promote operational efficiency by aligning closely with school projects and priorities. Continued and enhanced professional development will help retain an exceptional Montessori certified faculty and staff committed to program excellence.

Facilities – A yearly renewal of our campus and focus on harmony with our natural surroundings will remain a priority. Our facilities will continue to be a source of pride for families and staff, a positive example of human-environment balance, and an important piece of Mariposa’s foundation that enhances our educational programs and operational efficiency. Student safety and campus security will remain a high priority.

Community & Neighbor Relations – Over the next three years, we will strengthen relationships with our current families, neighbors, and Silicon Valley community. A new focus will be applied to civic engagement and local partnerships to stay informed and involved in the town of Los Gatos while demonstrating Mariposa’s value and importance to the greater community.